Making Management Effortless: Introducing Time Tracking


Introducing the Time Tracking feature in our app!

Say goodbye to manual timekeeping and paperwork. With the latest version of the Conit Cloud app, managing employee tasks has never been easier.

The Time Tracking feature is specifically designed for the hospitality industry and allows your team to report their time spent on various activities directly through the app. From cleaning rooms to attending guest requests and addressing maintenance issues, every task can now be logged efficiently and accurately in real-time!

 Additionally, our new feature ensures compliance with online employee time tracking requirements, including Greece's "Ergani" system.

Time tracking internal tasks in hotels is often cited as one of the most challenging aspects of hotel management. 

The dynamic environment of hotels can be managed with ease when the right tools and strategies are in place. The hotel environment is a thrilling and dynamic place, where tasks can change based on guest needs, occupancy rates, and unforeseen circumstances. However, with the right tools, these issues can be successfully addressed.

Effective time tracking is essential for optimizing resource allocation, ensuring that staff are deployed efficiently, and that tasks are completed within expected timeframes.

By implementing Conit Cloud's Time Tracking feature, you can overcome these challenges by having a centralized platform where employees can track their time, report issues, and communicate with management in real time. Streamline operations, improve accuracy, and enhance overall productivity within the hotel with this essential tool.

Join the growing number of hospitality professionals who are already experiencing the benefits of our platform. Streamline your workflow, enhance accountability, and deliver exceptional guest experiences – all with Conit Cloud.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Conit Cloud's features can transform your hospitality management!