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Our platform empowers accommodation providers to effortlessly connect with their guests, delivering real-time updates, essential information, and seamless calling, all within a single, intuitive app.


Integrate with the current telecommunication infrastructure or exclusively utilize our cloud services.


We designed it with ease-of-use in mind, simplifying the processes for both guests and staff.


Our flexible pricing model ensures you're in control, offering a cost-efficient solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Why is it so great?

Quick & Simple

Guests login by scanning the generated QR-code, or by entering the code manually.


Send exclusive offers, announcements, and other messages to your guests, without worries.

File uploads

The guests can access all the essential information about their stay at any time.

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Phone system

The embedded phone system enables effortless communications, without having to search for a room phone.

Easy & Lightweight

We designed the app to be as lightweight and easy-to-use as possible.


We are constantly working on implementing new features.

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Are you a guest? Download our app and experience seamless communications during your stay. Receive real-time updates, access essential information, and enjoy in-app, effortless calling.

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