Integration - Reuse already existing parts - Get everything from scratch

Flexibility Unleashed: Our Software Adapts to Your Environment

Our software offers a versatile solution, seamlessly integrating into your existing environment and supporting your current telephony lines and hardware. This adaptability ensures a smooth transition while maximizing the value of your current infrastructure. In addition, our ongoing collaborations with numerous vendors enable us to continually enhance our compatibility list. This means that our software stays up-to-date with the latest industry standards and innovations, ensuring a reliable and future-proof solution for your needs.

PDFs replace paper

SIP trunks


With our solution, you have the option to seamlessly integrate a SIP trunk from our list of approved providers. This guarantees a reliable and compatible telecommunication solution, simplifying your setup and ensuring quality service. Contact us to get more information about compatible telephony providers.


IP Phones, PBXs and other devices

We understand the importance of maintaining your current telecommunication system, whether in full or partially. Our solution offers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate, replace, or reuse components of your existing equipment, ensuring a smooth transition that suits your specific needs and preferences. Although our solution is based on standards, we have done extensive testing with specific equipment that we can recomment. Contact us for more details.

Create or use APIs

Other software

Our solution empowers you to leverage APIs, enabling seamless communication with other software applications. This integration capability enhances the versatility and functionality of our solution, making it a powerful tool for your business.